The safest cars in the industry

The safest cars in the industrySafety features are of the utmost importance when using your car loan for a new vehicle, especially if you are shopping for a family hauler. With the advancing technology, cars are being made safer than ever, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reports that traffic-related deaths are at a 60-year low.

Many Japanese cars have been named the safest in America, according to MSN Autos. For example, the Honda Civic features a specially designed chassis that protects individuals both in an outside of the car. Other Japanese vehicles that made the cut include the Subaru Forester and the Toyota Sienna.

The IIHS recently named the Ford Fiesta as its Top Safety Pick, as its airbag system and body design provides the ultimate security. "About 55 percent of the Fiesta's body is made form high-strength or ultrahigh-strength steel," said the news source.

Other models families may want to spring for include the Volvo XC60, Buick LaCrosse, BMW 5-Series, Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen.