Tips for buying a used car

Tips for buying a used carBuying a used vehicle is an optimal way to make the most out of car loan, as consumers will have a wide selection of fairly new models with relatively low mileage on the odometer. Choosing the right car can be a daunting task, but making smart moves can help drivers avoid being sold a clunker.

The first and foremost point is to opt for a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, which features a warranty directly from the manufacturer. It is wise to read through the entire warranty so you understand every detail before you sign. While the guarantee is well and good, further action must be taken to ensure that you aren't purchasing a lemon.

Visit the dealership and inquire about your chosen car's inspection history, and if you are denied, take it as a warning and either hire a mechanic to inspect the vehicle or move on to the next one. Make sure to take down the car's vehicle identification number (VIN), as well, as it can be run through an online vehicle history report database, which offers up public and private records of past accidents and other information.