Tips on visiting a used car dealership

Tips on visiting a used car dealership Those who receive a used car loan will surely want to make the most out of their credit, which is why it is important to be prepared when heading to the dealership. Follow these simple tips from Consumer Reports in order to find the best used vehicle for you.

Before you even get to the dealership, make sure to do some research on the car you are interested in. The source says to "know the true value of your candidate car, regardless of what the seller is asking – condition, mileage, age and equipment levels." Once you know more, you can check out Kelley Blue Book for average pricing.

Avoid talking about money with the salesman until you decide on a car. Price negotiation can be a slippery slope – "do not tell them how much car you can afford, or they'll try to take every penny of it," says Consumer Reports.

Lastly, you know the true value of the car, so it is important to stand your ground and walk away if the salesperson tries to sell it to you for more money. Many times, they will try to make a better deal with you before you leave.