Toyota plans to design better looking cars

Toyota plans to design better looking cars  Following an announcement made by Akio Toyoda, Toyota's president, that the brand's vehicles need to be better-looking, the head of U.S. marketing for the firm stated that developments to remedy the brand's bland exteriors are already underway.

The first Toyota vehicle to be affected by changes to the brand's styling will be the Camry, which enjoyed prolonged success in U.S. markets due to its perceived reliability and practicality. The new, stylish Camry will be unveiled at the New York Auto Show in April, said Jim Lentz, the head of U.S. marketing for Toyota. He added that other Toyotas would soon have more "emotive styling" as well, the Financial Times reports.

Drivers who have had positive experiences with Toyota vehicles may want to keep themselves updated on developments in the brand. Toyota has already made efforts to counteract negative consumer perceptions brought on by several recalls by focusing on safety and reliability, and the brand hopes to recover more of the U.S. auto market by making its designs more hip and modern. 

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