Toyota recalls 740,000 vehicles in the U.S.

Toyota has been in hot water recently due to systemic problems with unintended acceleration in a number of their vehicles. In fact, the automaker has recalled over 10 million vehicles in the past year stemming from both this problem and other issues.

The automaker’s recent efforts to rebuild its reputation for reliable vehicles may have taken a step backwards thanks to another massive recall. Toyota has announced that it will recall 1.53 million vehicles worldwide, including 740,000 in the U.S., due to an issue with brake fluid. The company says that some types of brake fluid can cause a crack in the vehicle’s master cylinder, leading to possibly decreased stopping power over time.

The models in question mainly include older vehicles that may be found on used car lots. Toyota says that 2005-06 Avalons, 2004-06 Highlanders and Lexus RX 330s as well as 06 Lexus GS 300s, IS 250s and IS 350s are affected by the issue.

Drivers in the market for an affordable vehicle may find a number of used Toyotas marked down from their original price and think they’re getting a good deal. That’s why it’s important for drivers to keep up to date on the latest safety and recall information in order to ensure that the vehicle they’ve selected doesn’t have any outstanding issues. Once they’ve settled on a reliable model, a bad credit auto loan can help get them into the car that they want.

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