Toyota remains world’s largest automaker for third consecutive year

Toyota remains world's largest automaker for third consecutive yearFor the third consecutive year, Toyota's worldwide sales exceeded those of any other automaker in 2010, making the manufacturer the largest in the world.

Global sales for Toyota rose 8 percent last year to reach 8.42 million units, according to Bloomberg. General Motors was the second-largest automaker in 2010, boosting global sales by 12 percent, whereas Volkswagen was the third-largest, increasing its sales by 14 percent worldwide.

Though Toyota's global sales rose in 2010, their U.S. sales fell by 0.4 percent due to a series of controversial recalls, which some experts believe tarnished the automaker's reputation in the minds of American drivers.

To redeem the brand's image, Toyota will be adding two quality control offices in Texas and Florida to catch potential defects at an early stage and avoid the kind of problems recently experienced by Toyota owners, according to the news source. Drivers who are in the market for a reliable car may want to research the safety features available on Toyotas and compare them with those available on other bad credit cars, then fill out an auto loan application to finance the purchase of a new, safe vehicle. 

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