Toyota to offer free maintenance

Drivers who are in the market for a vehicle need to realize that sometimes a vehicle can be almost as costly to maintain as it is to buy. Those with bad credit currently stuck with an aging vehicle have likely encountered this very problem.

Consumers may get some relief, thanks to a new offering from Toyota. The automaker was in hot water earlier this year due to over 6 million recalls tied to unintended acceleration problems.

In an effort to bounce back, the automaker is assuring customers of their cars’ reliability by offering two years of free maintenance with every vehicle purchased from the Toyota and Scion brands. Some luxury manufacturers, like BMW, offer free maintenance, but Toyota is the first mainstream brand to offer the deal on a permanent basis, according to the Detroit Free Press.

That means owners of a Scion or Toyota get all of their factory-scheduled needs paid for in addition to 24-hour roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown.

Drivers with bad credit don’t need to continue driving their jalopy into the ground and paying out the nose for repair costs. By applying online, they can be approved for a car loan and drive off in a new car with free maintenance today.

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