Toyota works to recover reputation

Toyota works to recover reputationThe recalls issued by Toyota in 2010 have severely tarnished the automaker's reputation, and the company is currently making efforts to convince the public that it can be relied upon to produce safe automobiles.

One of the recent attempts by Toyota to devote resources to safety research is the $50 million Collaborative Safety Research Center that it plans to build in Ann Arbor, Michigan, according to MSNBC. the carmaker has also recently appointed a North American safety 'czar' to improve public perception of the brand.

Still, the automaker also has to deal with several of its main products reaching the end of their lifecycles, including the Corolla and Camry, according to the news source. It will have to develop new products that will be perceived as safe and reliable by American drivers, some experts claim.

However, many automotive analysts think Toyota is set for a comeback. Some claim that the worst is over for the automaker, and that it will fight to re-establish its position as a manufacturer of some of the best cars for bad credit, according to the news source. Drivers in the market for a Toyota or another vehicle may want to research safety ratings and get pre-approved for car financing before heading to the dealership.