Toyota’s 2011 RAV4 is best SUV for a low price

Toyota's 2011 RAV4 is best SUV for a low priceThe 2011 Toyota RAV4 may be one of the best cars for bad credit, with ratings that have all the makings of a good investment.

According to reviewer Bill Jackson, the RAV4 is so reliable and solid that drivers may not even notice it, the way people don't notice their high-speed internet until it cuts out. The car is comfortable, with an ergonomic interior of logical controls. He says the design feels outdated and the navigation system was frustrating, but the other controls work easily.

Jackson says the comfort of the interior makes it perfect for long car trips, and absorbs bumps and potholes without making much noise. In addition, it has a cargo area that is large enough to carry a bike.

U.S. News and World Report ranks this model number one in its Affordable Compact SUVs category, calling it "one of the most practical and family-friendly" SUVs.Practicality is key for bad-credit buyers, as many can't afford to make a frivolous mistake.

Adding to its good price and practicality is its gas mileage – 28 miles per gallon on the highway. Monthy interest rates on car loans can be high, so it is important to keep fuel costs down. 

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