Understanding the role of the sales manager

Going to the dealership can be a confusing time, but drivers who have already secured a bad credit car loan should be confident in their ability to get a vehicle at a great price. Backed by the purchasing power of their loan, drivers will have some room to negotiate on a new or used vehicle.

Once a driver settles on a model, they’ll likely be called into a room with the salesman to go over the details of the agreement. Despite this appearance, however, car buyers should be aware that salesman often don’t have the authority to approve a deal. That power belongs to the sales manager.

At many dealerships, a consumer won’t even interact with a sales manager, who will likely be in a separate room. According to Edmunds, many dealers engage in a “good cop/bad cop” game with the salesman and the manager. The salesman will offer a deal or concede a point, only for him to take it to the manager who will shut it down. After several cycles of this, the buyer will likely be worn down and ready to make more concessions.

To counteract this, the news source recommends negotiating one item at a time. This restricts the manager’s power to approve some items and get rid of others when negotiating all at once. Each item – a particular package or upgrade – should be talked about on its own. That way, the manager can’t kill a deal at the last minute and force buyers to completely restart the process.

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