Use the internet to your advantage when car-shopping

Use the internet to your advantage when car-shoppingDrivers in the market for a new vehicle may want to take as many steps as possible over the internet, such as acquiring an online car loan, as this strategy may save them money.

Though acquiring financing and buying a car online may be more convenient and less expensive, some drivers prefer the in-person approach, according to Edmunds. To attain the kind of low price that would be available in an online purchase and get the in-person experience, drivers may want to walk into the dealership and ask to speak to a salesman from the internet department. 

By processing a purchase through this department, drivers may be able to avoid going through the dealership's finance and insurance office, which is where a conventional sale takes place, according to Edmunds. In such an office, dealers will often try to persuade consumers to purchase additional add-ons, or try to negotiate the price in terms of monthly payments. 

Bypassing the office allows drivers to only purchase what they need, and coming to the dealership pre-approved with a bad credit car loan may allow the driver to bargain from the stronger position of an all-cash buyer. 

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