Used car report card determines which vehicles pass the test

Shopping for a used car can be overwhelming as there are so many options available. If a driver doesn’t know much about cars, they might accidentally purchase a lemon, but a new rating system has been developed to prevent that mistake.

Alliance Inspection Management recently launched a new program in which it assesses used vehicles to help its customers find quality used cars. Vehicles can be rated A, B, C, D and F, much like the report cards of childhood, and they essentially represent the same levels of quality. An A grade means that the vehicle is in excellent condition and has no mechanical issues, while B-grade cars and trucks run well, but have minor cosmetic damages, such as small scratches and dents.

On the opposite end of the rating spectrum, cars that receive an F are only good enough to be salvages and could have flood or fire damage. D-grade vehicles have either been subjected to major repairs or need a lot of work.

Drivers who are looking to buy a used car with a bad credit car loan can use this rating system to determine if a car is worth investigating with just one quick glance.

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