Used cars that should probably be avoided

One of the difficulties of purchasing a used car is the uncertainty a buyer has about its history. A vehicle that performs well on a test drive and looks to be in near-perfect condition may still have the equivalent of a time bomb under the hood, and it’s often difficult to know which vehicles are at risk to start experiencing severe performance problems weeks or months after purchase.

Vehicles that have been used as rental cars should probably be avoided, according to Car and Driver magazine. Since rentals cars are often heavily insured and driven by people to whom they do not belong, these drivers are not nearly as cautious as they would be with their own cars.

Test cars and press vehicles which have been used to showcase a car’s performance may also be an unsafe bet as a used car purchase. Since these vehicles are routinely used to show the model’s potential, they are taken to their limits, and such treatment can wear a vehicle out, according to the news source.

The best cars for bad credit are reliable, affordable vehicles, and cars that have been used in certain ways by past owners should probably be avoided.

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