Volkswagen recalls more than 30,000 Jettas

Volkswagen recently announced a recall for approximately 30,300 Jetta sedans for an issue with the exhaust system. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that certain units manufactured between March 2010 and August 2011 (2011 and 2012 model years) had stainless steel exhaust tips installed when they arrived on American soil. These tips extended beyond the original length of the factory-installed exhaust pipes and beyond the length of the car.

The longer tailpipes increase the risk of accidental contact with people if they come too close to the back of the car. If this happens when the car is running or shortly thereafter, the exhaust pipe will be extremely hot and could cause burns. The Wall Street Journal reports that Volkswagen told the NHTSA that they had received several complaints in July. The agency decided that a recall was necessary by August.

NHTSA investigations can take up to two years before they decide whether a recall is necessary. This is why it is important for drivers who are shopping for vehicles with used car loans to have mechanics take a look under the hood to check for any preexisting problems before a purchase is finalized.