Volt owners have gone hundreds of miles without filling up

With gas prices expected to hit at least $5 per gallon this summer, those with a bad credit auto loan are most likely in the market for a car that allows them to avoid the pump as much as possible. The Chevrolet Volt has been making headlines for its hybrid-electric efficiency lately, and most recently, GM has reported that owners of the vehicle can drive hundreds of miles before they need to fill up.

“Volt owners drove an average of 800 miles between fill-ups since the Volt launched in December, and in March they averaged 1,000 miles,” Cristi Landy, marketing director for the model, said in a news release. “When the majority of miles driven are electrically, gas usage decreases significantly.”

Steve Wojtanek, who has owned the Volt since December, has logged 3,417 miles on the car, more than 65 percent of which are strictly electric miles.

General Motors states that when the Volt is fully charged and has a full tank of gas, it can drive nearly 380 miles without needing a boost.