Watch out for the “new kid on the block”

For those buying a car with a bad credit car loan, every penny counts. By knocking money off of the purchase price of the vehicle, a buyer puts themselves in a better situation to make their monthly payments – which means a better credit rating in the future.

Every driver knows to shop for deals when they’re looking for a car, and this strategy can definitely pay off. But once a driver finds a car that he or she likes, additional money can be saved in the negotiation process – provided that the buyer knows how to bargain a bit.

Edmunds has listed a few tips that consumers should keep in mind when talking with the salesman in order to ensure they get the best deal on a vehicle. While most dealers are honest, a few will use some questionable tactics in order to make a sale.

The news source lists one of the common ones that buyers should watch out for, which is where a salesman passes themselves off as a rookie. They might say something like “I’m new to this – it’s my first day,” or a similar admission of their “green” status. This is meant to instill a false confidence in the buyer that they’re getting a good deal because this salesman doesn’t know all the tricks yet.

More often than not, this is false. Some will even try to add legitimacy to the claim with a prop like a handwritten business card, saying something like “mine haven’t come in yet.” There’s no sense in calling the seller out on this – they very well might be new. But it’s worth keeping in mind that this doesn’t mean that there won’t be hidden fees lurking in the agreement down the road.

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