What not to do when building your credit score

What not to do when building your credit scoreBad credit history can affect consumers in many areas of their financial life, making it difficult to secure a car loan, mortgage or money for other big-ticket items. While you are trying to raise your credit score, here are a few important ideas to remember.

Do not expect your score to raise if you do not have a handle on your finances. The real restoration of your credit can begin once you have money to consistently pay the minimum amount of your bills on time each month.

Do not live a cash-only lifestyle. While it may help to avoid the temptations that come with credit cards, consumers must use their available credit to keep an actively-changing score. Letting it sit idly simply maintains the low score, while properly using credit raises the number.

Do not build interest on credit cards, if you can avoid it. If possible, pay off the balance in full each month and try not to make purchases you don't readily have the money for.

Do not fret when the results aren't immediate. Changes can take 30 days to several months to register in your report, depending on the reason for your low score.