What to consider before buying a new car

What to consider before buying a new carWhile buying a used car is likely the best option for those with a bad credit auto loan, sometimes the smell of a brand new vehicle can be more enticing. If you must have the latest edition of a car, there are a few things to consider, according to MSN Autos.

First is the standard and optional equipment. Know which features the vehicle must come with before you head to the dealership, and also do some research to see how much optional pieces of equipment will cost you.

Second, learn about the car's resale value. Many buyers can be fickle and change vehicles every few years, so it makes sense to know the depreciative value before you go ahead and write the check.

Insurance costs are also an important factor to think about. According to MSN, a vehicle with safety features like airbags, anti-lock breaks, passive seatbelt restraint systems and more could help decrease your annual premiums.

Lastly, make sure the car safe. The number of safety devices doesn't necessarily mean they are all the best, so go online and look up the vehicle's safety rating on the National Highway Traffic Safety Association's website or SaferCar.gov.