What to consider before signing up for a joint credit card

What to consider before signing up for a joint credit cardThere are certain commitments that couples may went to make, such as getting married, moving in together or another big one – applying for a joint credit card. Before springing for some plastic with both of your names on it, take a few things into consideration.

First, timing is everything. Beyond deciding whether you are emotionally ready for this type of pressure, take a look at each other's finances, make sure everything is in order and then fill out the applications. When two people sign up for one credit card, both of their credit histories are taken into account, so it is extremely important to go through both persons' credit reports to decide if you are ready to take the plunge.

If your partner's credit rating is low, it could cause yours to decrease as well simply for being financially associated, as you each inherit the other's history. This could impair your abilities to secure a car loan, mortgage or other line of credit. A good way to avoid this is for the partner with the highest score to add the other as an authorized user. 

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