What to look for when test driving a used car

Test driving a used car is an important step of the process of choosing the right vehicle. It may be important to pay attention to every small detail that might signal more serious problems later in the life of the vehicle.

According to Edmunds.com, starting the engine when it is completely cold is a good idea, since some vehicles experience chronic problems only when their engines are started cold.

Once the car is started, it is advisable to avoid noise and distractions, like the radio, since the driver should be able to hear every noise produced by the vehicle. The driver may also want to pay close attention to how the car accelerates from a stop, how smoothly it changes gears and how well it corners and brakes.

Simulating the driving conditions to which the consumer will subject his car is also a good idea: if one plans to use the highway daily, taking the car on the highway during the test drive is advisable.

The test drive is also a good time to look at non-mechanical aspects of the car, such as whether the cargo space is to the consumer’s liking.

Once a consumer has chosen his used car, he can fill out a car loan application to finance its purchase.

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