What to watch out for when buying a used car

Even with vehicle history reports and the wealth of information that exists about the values of various makes and models of used cars, it can still be nerve-wracking for a driver to shop for a used car for fear of buying a “lemon.” According to Car and Driver Magazine, however, there are a few details that are clear signs that a given vehicle should be avoided.

Cars that have a salvage title, no matter how low the asking price, should be avoided. According to the news source, insurance companies always try to save even the most wrecked of vehicles, so if a car has been labelled as beyond restoration, no price is low enough to make its purchase a value.

Brushstrokes in the paint are another bad sign. The news provider reports that some owners try to conceal amateur, DIY body work by painting over it.

Mismatched tires should raise red flags, according to the magazine. If the previous owner took care of his vehicle, he would most likely change at least two tires at a time, if not all four. Mismatched tires may indicate neglect of the vehicle.

Drivers that are in the market for a used car but have bad credit may want to use a car loan payment calculator to see what kind of monthly payments they can expect for a used vehicle.

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