Why a hybrid car may not be the best choice

Why a hybrid car may not be the best choiceWhile car buyers may be doing an environmentally conscious thing by purchasing a hybrid vehicle with their bad credit auto loan, the truth is that it's probably doing more damage to your wallet than anything. Assuming most people in poor financial standing don't have money to be throwing away, buying a used car is a better bet.

International events have significantly increased the cost of owning a hybrid car. From the political unrest in the Middle East causing sky-high gas prices to the natural disaster in Japan leading to car companies halting production, now is a difficult time to be a car owner. So why make it more difficult on yourself by purchasing a vehicle that is expensive to own?

Use your car loan for a used model that has low mileage, as most are relatively new and can be driven for many years with little problems. Some good ways to save even more money by decreasing gas usage is to carpool, drive more efficiently rather than slamming on breaks or speeding, keep tires inflated and clear out extra junk that is weighing the car down.