Your Car Can Influence Your Reputation at the Office

For many people, the car they drive serves as a status symbol, especially in the world of business.

A boss who shows up to work in a beat-up old clunker will not likely command the same level of respect from their employees as one who rolls into work in a sleek, classy ride. People who either want to make a good impression at work, or are looking to enhance their image, can check out a new series of top cars for CEOs released by Chief Executive Magazine and The first part of the series, Cars for Work, features vehicles that are high-tech and low profile, which is great for the businessman who doesn’t want to drive something too flashy, but also doesnt want to sacrifice on the amenities. These wheels will carry you in comfort, while making the kind of statement you’re comfortable with, said co-authors Bill Holstein and executive editor Michael Jordan. They are both practical and pleasurable – they will actually make you look forward to your daily commute, yet won’t draw undue attention in the office parking lot. The new cars that made the grade include the Hyundai Equus, BMW 335d, Chevy Volt, Audi A8L and the Mercedes-Benz S40 Hybrid.

Businessmen and women who are planning on a car can consider older models of these vehicles so they can still ride in style without breaking the bank.